When I got home from the hospital, empty handed, I immediately jumped onto Etsy. If I wasn't able to bring my baby home, I was going to be surrounded by his essence. I purchased clay ornaments with his name and birthdate for my shadow box, a DIY breastmilk keepsake, my weighted bear, and more.

Bastion Bracelet
My Bastion Bracelet

One of the first items I bought was a simple black beaded bracelet with his name on it. Kind of like the ones you'd make when you were a kid! This thing never comes off. I bought it because I wanted to see Bastion's name. I need some kind of connection with my son at all times. Often times his name isn't spoken out loud because he's not here. This is a little solution for me.

So after I broke the bank with personalized goods, I needed a hobby. It was time to be kept occupied. After spending so much time nesting for baby's arrival, then nothing- no baby to rock, feed, clothe, bathe. I just felt useless. This was supposed to be the busy part of my life.  

I started making bracelets. Then I could donate them to hospitals. I knew I wanted to do anything and everything to help mothers like me because, honestly, this sucks. It just sucks.

They aren't exactly like the bracelet I bought for myself on Etsy. I do not have the fortune of knowing the baby's name. However, I do have the ability to connect mothers with their angel by making matching bracelets! It's such a beautiful photo opportunity. An extra memory they can cherish forever!

Bracelet Materials
Bracelet Materials

I would like to challenge you make some of your own. Making bracelets has helped me clear my head and has given me a daily activity that I enjoy. To learn, I watched a YouTube tutorial on a slipknot adjustable bracelet. Then I bought my supplies from Amazon & Etsy and got to work!

Want to make an adjustable slipknot beaded bracelet like mine?

What you'll need:

  • 7mm Heart Beads (quantity of 400 shown)- blue and pink
  • 6/0 Seed Beads (1oz shown)- blue and pink
  • Nylon Knotting Cord (100 yards shown)- blue and white
  • Clear nail polish (I use this) or super glue

Cut your string 14'' for mommy bracelets and 8'' for baby bracelets

Fold the string in half a tie a knot almost half way but not quite

Add beads to your liking and then knot next to the last bead

-For mine-

Mommy bracelets are 3 blue beads, 1 blue heart, 3 blue beads

Baby bracelets are 2 blue beads, 1 blue heart, 2 blue beads

Tie a knot around 1'' from the end, then add 1 blue bead and tie again

Do the same to the other side, this time making sure you are even with the first side

Cut remaining ends and add a little bit of glue or nail polish to your last two knots

Make this bracelet into a circle with one end on top and the other on bottom

Cut another 10'' string for mommy 6-8'' string for baby

Tie onto your bracelet, leaving the strings even

Start tying your slipknots (Do this until 2-3'' for mommy and 1'' for baby)

Cut remaining ends and glue

To adjust bracelet- pinch slipknot and pull end to tighten, pull bracelet to loosen

Warning: Choking Hazard! These mommy and me bracelets are made for mothers and stillborns, I do not recommend these bracelets for living babies or children.

Finished Bracelets
Mommy and me bracelets
Stillborn Bracelet
Stillborn bracelet
Finished bracelet ready for the hospital
Ready for the hospital
Blue stillborn bracelets
Pink is next!

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