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birthday cards have been received by our bereaved parents

This week's birthdays

2020: Donated a CuddleCot to St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA

2021: Donated a CuddleCot to Medical Center of Trinity in Trinity, FL

CuddleCot Donation


what is still loved?

On March 25, 2020 we had our baby boy, Bastion Porter Cohen. He was  stillborn & we were heartbroken.

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We are here to provide comfort to bereaved parents suffering from pregnancy loss & baby loss. Every year on your baby's birthday we will mail them a sweet, handcrafted card. We would like to remember & celebrate your angel when others may not.

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Our goal is to also donate a CuddleCot to a hospital each year. These are pretty expensive & not standard in every hospital. They allow parents to spend more time with their deceased baby. It's the only time we will ever get with our infant, & it's so important.

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WhY birthday cards?

Often times, family & friends don't know what to do or say when you suffer pregnancy or baby loss. They often times may try to make you "look on the bright side" or give you a quick fix, not realizing this loss is as awful as any. Even more awful because it's YOUR child.

During the first few months, you will hopefully have a ton of support, but this typically stops. A year later when it's your baby's first birthday & every birthday (or angelversary) bereaved parents may not get the acknowledgment they need or deserve.

We are here to remember. We are here to celebrate. And we are also here to mourn with you, because this time still isn't easy.

What is an ANGELVERSARY? The way we choose to use this term is just in case the word "birthday" is too triggering or just doesn't feel right. It's the day you choose to remember your baby. It could be the day your baby was born, or perhaps the day your baby passed away. It could even be your due date. When we say we offer "birthday cards," we also include "angelversary cards" in our efforts.

"Having your baby remembered, especially on their birthday is so powerful."