Celebrating your angel baby with beautifully handmade birthday cards.

Often times, family & friends don't know what to do or say when you lose a loved one, even more-so a stillborn baby. During the first few months, you'll hopefully have a ton of support, but this typically stops. A year later, when it's your child's birthday (or angelversary), bereaved parents may not hear anything from family or friends. This is where we come in to celebrate & mourn with you.


A cooling bassinet allows parents to spend time with their stillborn baby during their hospital stay.

Losing a child is so unfair. Their life is taken before it can even begin. We can't stress enough how important the 12 hours we spent with our stillborn son in the hospital was. Thanks to the CuddleCot & the bereaved mommy who donated it to the hospital we stayed at, we were able to see our son for as long as we needed.

After discovering not every hospital is equipped with a CuddleCot, we set out to donate at least one every year to a hospital that needs it.


How much of your dollar goes towards the causes we're fundraising for?

We don't pay ourselves with your donation. . This non-profit was formed due to our loss and we want to help other families without profiting off of them.