how far does your donation go?

Due to delays with COVID-19, Still Loved is still pending official non-profit status.

$5 - Celebrate an angel's birthday

As each baby's birthday or angelversary comes around, less and less family / friends reach out. Bereaved parents can feel alone on these days. With your gift, we can make sure each baby is remembered.

$25 - More celebrations

As our non-profit grows, we'll have a better idea of how else to use your donations. Maybe research towards miscarriages / stillbirths or maybe we throw a huge party so we can all escape the madness of life, if just for a night. For now though, we can gift 5 birthday cards with this donation.

$1000 - donate in your angel's name

Anyone who gives this much or more can request their baby's name engraved on a donated CuddleCot. We started Still Loved because we wanted to give our son, Bastion, the legacy he was never able to create for himself.

$3200 - The gift of time

This is the cost of a CuddleCot.

Our initial goal is to donate at least one of these every year to a hospital that needs one. As we continue to get more donations, our stretch goal will be to buy one CuddleCot every month. CuddleCots allow bereaved parents to spend their entire hospital stay next to their little one.

Where does the rest of the money go?

After purchasing a CuddleCot, every dollar we make above that currently goes to Birthday cards, Misc, and overhead.
- Birthday Cards includes; Stamps, Envelopes, Cards/Materials, Labor, Stickers, and anything else we add in the card (ex. Flower Seeds).
- Misc has a category because are still new and figuring out the best way to help bereaved parents in their grieving journey. In 2020 we mailed out over 100 Christmas cards and hand-made over 100 bracelets.
- Overhead: Since this is our first year, overhead costs were higher than they will be moving forward. Website, legal, taxes, etc. Autumn and I don't intend to ever take a penny from Still Loved unless we are making a huge difference in the world and it becomes so time consuming that it becomes our full-time jobs.