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We send parents handmade cards, so they know someone is thinking about their little one.

Why do we send birthday cards?

Often times, family and friends don't know what to do or say when you lose a loved one, even more-so an unborn or stillborn child. During the first few months, you'll hopefully have a ton of support, but this typically stops. A year later when it's your child's birthday or angelversary bereaved parents may not hear anything from family or friends.

how much does it cost?

Birthday cards for your angel baby are free. We rely on donations to provide this service and it's our intention is to always be able to provide these cards for free to bereaved parents. One thing that we've learned through this experience is how nice it is when friends, family, and strangers do nice things for us.

We have two types of cards we send out.
1. For the first birthday we send a personalized and handmade birthday card. These cost us ~$5 to create and send.
2. For all subsequent birthdays, we'll still send out a card to honor your little one, but they wont be handmade. These cost ~$2.

How do i sign up?

It's simple, just fill out a form and we'll do the rest. Be sure to accurately fill out all of the information so you get the birthday card on time.

how can I stop receiving cards?

Send us an email at SBSLFoundation@gmail.com to opt out of this service or to update your address.

view all of the cards we've mailed so far

All of our handmade cards are created by Nelda's Craft Room. If you need any cards, check out her shop!

Happy Birthday Angel Babies

Happy birthday to our angel babies!

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Bereaved parents: sign up for a card here

Bereaved parents: sign up for a card here